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#8 - Mental Health Is For Everyone!

#8 - Mental Health Is For Everyone!


The one thing we all have in common on this weird & wonderful planet is we all have our thoughts. No matter who you are, where you're from, what you do, what you believe in or how much money you make... We all deal with Mental health. From Bali to Ballyhaunis and from Bray to Brisbane in every corner of the globe humans deal with their inner thoughts and their Mental Health on a daily basis! Unfortunately, around the world this mutual connection and similarity has not unified us or even slightly played a part on how the majority of people view Mental Health and Mental Health illnesses. In todays society there is a stigma surrounding Mental Health and here at HUH we are working on a daily basis to tackle that stigma.

HUH.. Is much more than just a design on a hoodie. It is much more than the 3 words "How's Ur Head?" . HUH is a statement, a conversation starter and a starting point in normalising Mental Health conversations. For every HUH hoodie, crewneck, hat & t-shirt bought we want our customers to wear them with pride and spread the word far and wide. That might be to a friend, a family member or a work colleague. You never know when the conversation will spark and by wearing, promoting and advocating for Mental Health you are putting out warm and welcoming positive vibes for yourself and the people around you. Being seen as an individual who is informed or willing to learn more about the Mental Health space makes you 10 times more approachable for an individual to open up to you if they are feeling down. 

Having said that it is very important to remember the following. If you are not a trained medical professional or therapist you are not there to give advice. You are there to be supportive and most importantly to LISTEN! Listening and being supportive won't solve every last problem but it just might slightly ease the burden of keeping feelings and emotions bottle up. So please, listen and be supportive to the people who mean the most to you. 

#HUH #MentalHealthMatters

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