About Us!

At HUH clothing we are taking a stand against the stigma that surrounds mental health. In modern society, mental health conversations need to be normalised and spoken about more freely and confidently. Having customers supporting us and wearing our products on a daily and weekly basis helps us spread the message around the world that:

1. It is okay not to feel okay

2. that everyone deals with their own personal mental health battles

3. remember, you are not alone

Whether you are wearing a t-shirt, hoodie or sweater with "HUH" printed across your chest that just might be the moment that ignites the conversation about your mental health or the mental health of the people around you. Let's get people asking "What does HUH mean?" so we can begin to initiate change. 

By supporting us, you are supporting local and international mental health organisations around the world. We donate 10% of every sale to local Irish mental health charities that are providing amazing services to people suffering with their Mental Health. 

How's Ur Head?