About Us!

HUH Clothing is an Irish clothing start-up founded by Mark Donnelly (25) & is based in County Meath, Ireland. Our goal for HUH is to create a stylish and comfortable clothing brand whilst raising both money & awareness surrounding the importance of Mental Health. 

At HUH clothing we donate 10% of every single sale to Mental Health organisations in need that provide valuable services to individuals across the country. Our donations are made throughout each month and are posted across all of our social media platforms. You can also see all of our donations on our donations page in our main menu. 

The goal of HUH clothing is to spark casual conversations about your Mental Health through something as simple as a hoodie or a t-shirt! We want people to ask you, the customer, what does HUH mean? Mental Health conversations need to be normalised and need to happen on a daily and weekly basis, with yourself, your loved ones, friends, family & co-workers. Remember it's okay not to feel okay and you are not alone when it comes to Mental Health illness and struggles.