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#2 - Three Tips To Help Clear Your Head.

#2 - Three Tips To Help Clear Your Head.

Before we get into this article let me start by saying there are no right or wrong techniques when it comes to effective ways to clear your head. Whatever works for you, do it! Unless it is illegal of course, in that case figure out something else. As previously mentioned, I will be writing these articles in a casual and personal manner to help raise awareness surrounding the importance of mental health in today’s society. I am by no means an expert but if a small fraction of what I write helps as little as one person.. Job Done.

For me the 3 following tips/tricks help me clear my mind on a daily basis. These may or may not apply to you but even the sense of accomplishment is bound to make you feel better by completing these tasks. They are as follows:

  1. Make your bed! I read in a book somewhere or online about the benefits of starting the day by making your bed. You would be surprised with the vast amounts of people who wake up, get out of bed and start their day leaving their bed messy and untidy until they climb back into it that night. This small task that takes less than a minute or two, feels great and kick starts your day with a win. One Task accomplished and you haven't even left your bedroom! Basically, by making your bed it provides a sense of achievement and sets you up for a more productive day.. Even if it is subconsciously. A tidy bed creates a good atmosphere for a tidy mind and a structured day. Try it out. You won’t regret it.
  2. Get some fresh air! Getting fresh air is a technique I swear by, and is so useful in an array of different scenarios and situations. As little as 10 minutes outdoors breathing in the fresh air of the day can help not only clear the head but also have physical health benefits too. For me, getting outside for a walk, run or whatever activity I decide helps me disconnect from social media and allows me to appreciate what is around me in the very moment. It makes me feel revitalized and refreshed. This tip can be used if you are feeling down, hungover, stressed, anxious and in so many other scenarios too. Implement it whenever you like and you will most definitely feel and see the results.
  3. Technology Detox (Phone particular)! I cannot stress this one enough. Like mentioned above it is so important to take a break from our phones from time to time. I understand that in the modern society we live and work through our phones but please remind yourself to take a break from the tech. What I do on a daily basis is I charge my phone for an hour in a different room to where I am spending most of my time. This means if I need or want my phone I have to physically get up and get it. I realize this is not a ground breaking discovery or technique but it guarantees that you will not be sitting on your phone aimlessly on the couch while it is charging. Give your mind and eyes a break from all the madness. As much as technology and social media is a blessing it is also without doubt a curse, use it wisely and be kind/careful online.

In conclusion, I hope that these 3 simple tips and tricks that I use on a daily basis have been useful to you. They may not work for everyone and that is fine, you just got to find out what works for you and use it to your advantage. Now, get off your phone, make your bed and go for that walk! \

#HUH — How’s Ur Head?

Mark D. :)

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